Why Choose RN Staffing?

Nurses do many tasks in a medical setting. They provide patient care, emotional support and help educate patients. Nurses work in nursing care facilities, hospitals, doctors’ offices and in-home healthcare. Those who work in home healthcare typically travel to patients’ homes, community centers and schools. Educational paths include a diploma from a nursing program, an associate’s degree in nursing or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. There are also master’s degree programs in nursing and combined bachelor’s and master’s nursing programs. The job outlook for nurses is positive and projected to grow 16 percent through 2024. Plus, the average annual salary for nurses is about $68,000. A registered nurse also has flexibility in their work schedule. Some work in shifts, while others may work nights or regular business hours. Some even work per diem.

Getting the Shift: RN Staffing and Per Diem Nurses

Staffing agencies like Ascend National help nurses get that shift, whether it’s on a per diem basis or long-term contract. There are many reasons for a nurse to use a staffing agency. These agencies have access to numerous assignments and availability for positions that need to be filled. This agency can help nurses find part-time, full-time or per diem work. Per diem assignments let nurses test out new nursing environments, such as a clinic or rehab facility. Plus, nurses can also try out jobs in their own location or new locations. A recruiter from an staffing agency also provides support and will work with nurses to set them up for success. Whether it’s a full-time, part-time or per diem job, nurses get paid a very competitive hourly rate. And if nurses take on enough per diem assignments, they may qualify for certain benefits.

RN Staffing and Full-Time Nursing Jobs

Ascend National assists nurses in finding full-time jobs. Nurses get:

  • Exclusive access to full-time jobs nationwide and locally
  • Help with updating resumes and ramping up interviewing skills
  • Help with getting their name in front of the right people for an interview
  • Assistance with the negotiation of benefits and salary

RN Staffing and Travel Nursing

Travel nursing jobs take nurses places. It’s like an extended vacation while working in the nursing field. Working as a travel nurse opens up a lot of opportunity in hospitals across the country. RN Staffing agencies can help a nurse get matched to a preferred location. Transportation is typically covered along with paid housing and furnishings. Plus, there’s generally an outstanding benefits package, including tuition reimbursements, vacation pay, insurance and much more. With the help of Ascend National, a nurse can broaden his or her experience and professional skills. Travel nursing assignments usually run from 13 to 26 weeks and sometimes more. This agency finds the job, and the nurse gets to choose the location.

Why Agency Nursing Is So Popular Today

There are many reasons why agency nursing is so popular today. Nurses are afforded flexibility and freedom. They can choose to work close to home or travel to urban or rural locations to work. Nurses can also plan shifts around their own lifestyle, never miss quality time with family, and, depending on the nursing specialty, get a higher pay rate. Agency nursing also offers education and training for nurses to develop advanced skills and earn educational points. Plus, a nurse can get paid within 48 hours. Why wait a week to get that check? Nurses who choose to partner with Ascend National get to reap many benefits.

Finding a nursing job can be overwhelming and a full-time job in itself. Ascend National specializes in the nursing field and can help a nurse land that perfect job. This type of professional agency is the foot-in-the-door for many nurses and helps nurses find jobs that aren’t advertised anywhere as well as uncover jobs that aren’t in a doctor’s office setting or hospital. If a registered nurse is seeking a job in a specific hospital, Ascend National may be the ticket in. These types of professional recruiters have contracts with both large and small companies and organizations in many different settings. All around, Ascend National streamlines the job search for nurses. If a nurse is new to the field, the professionals at Ascend National can also answer questions and give advice on how the industry works in real life.

If you’re a nurse and looking for a full-time, part-time or per diem nursing position, the benefits of using an staffing agency like Ascend National should not be ignored. They have helped many nurses land that perfect position in the nursing field. Contact professional staffing agency Ascend National today and get the answers and help you need. They will be more than happy to get your nursing career on the right track.


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