Travel Nurses

Travel Nurses

Do you want to have an experience? Do you like traveling and seeing new cities and have new adventures, then being a Travel Nurse is for you.

What does it mean to be a Travel Nurse?

  1. As a Travel Nurse, you work from 8 to 26 weeks contract in one specific location
  2. As a Travel Nurse, you get to choose where you want to live and work
  3. As a Travel Nurse, you have the ability to vacation where you work
  4. As a Travel Nurse, you get to test out hospitals, and work with state of the art facilities
  5. As a Travel Nurse, you have the ability to receive housing paid for by Ascend National Healthcare Staffing or you get to keep the housing stipend amount and you pay for your own housing
  6. As a Travel Nurse, you can enjoy a nurse salary, housing paid for you and a medical, dental and vision healthcare plan of your choosing.

There are many benefits of being a Travel Nurse such as housing, health insurance and the opportunity to travel to different places throughout the nation. It’s a great time to be a Nurse. Sign up today to be a Travel Nurse with Ascend National Healthcare Staffing by calling 512-643-3349 emailing

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