The Hidden Benefits of Temporary Healthcare Workers

Since baby boomers are now seniors, many long-time doctors and nurses are retiring. This means there is a pressing need for skilled medical professionals. Taking that into consideration, contract labor costs are at an all-time high. Hospitals are relying on staffing agencies to find reliable and credible medical workers. There has been a huge rise in the demand for temporary employees because of the benefits they bring to hospitals. Hospitals can rely on temporary workers to fill the jobs for some time while they focus on other important tasks.

What would make anyone want to work temporarily? A lot of people would say it’s not reliable, consistent, or even beneficial. Well, that’s not exactly true! There are a lot of perks to temporary healthcare jobs that you may not be aware of.

More opportunities

Temporary medical jobs are an easy way to get your foot in the door and meet new people. From moving to new cities or working in different facilities, you can meet people from various backgrounds who can help you with networking and future job placement.

Medical staffing agencies make it is easier to find more diverse job locations – whether it’s working at a hospital, clinic, school, physician’s practice, rehabilitation facility. With more choices of where to work, there are more job choices as well. Healthcare is never going to stop growing. It’s a necessity for everyone, so there are always going to be positions that need to be filled.

Find out if it’s a good fit

Working temporary can help you and the hospital you are working at figure out if it’s a good fit for the long-run. If you do want to settle down with one company, you want to be in an environment you enjoy and feel comfortable in. You will get to experience a variety of work environments and understand their values.

Flexible schedules

Working per diem is great if you are going to school or raising a family because you can find shifts that work around your schedule. You get to call the shots! Your recruiter can help you find the shifts you need.

Promotion opportunities

If you have been working with the same company for a long time, they might decide to keep you around and promote you from within the company – rather than searching for a new hire. Moving up the corporate ladder could give you success without the stress of finding and interviewing for new jobs.

Pay rate

Most temporary positions pay a higher hourly rate and even provide a housing allowance or living accommodations. Some facilities might be in dire need to hire a nurse that they will even offer a bonus pay as an incentive. Most temporary nurses will also have full-time benefits without having to work those same hours. Even some full-time and part-time nurses work per diem to help boost their income.

Broaden your skillset

Moving around from company to company or hospital to hospital will open a whole new world of opportunities to learn. Research has shown that people who switch jobs more often tend to be better performers at work. Coming into a new job more frequently will help you get better at making a positive first impression.

Even if you think you already know everything there is to know in your field, a new facility could provide you with something new to learn. You could be dealing with more patients and different kinds of patients. Plus, different companies use different procedures and technologies. If you work in a large hospital, there is probably a larger division of labor so you could get the opportunity to deepen your skills within your specialty. A smaller facility might have less help so they might teach you a few new skills so you can help out in more areas. You will keep advancing your knowledge and will get out of a “normal” routine.

It’s not permanent

If you so happen to be placed somewhere you don’t enjoy, you won’t be tied to it forever. If you’re not happy, it will be a much easier transition to leave while working as a temporary employee. Although it can be easy to quit whenever you get tired of one job, don’t jump around from place to place. Employers will want to see a little bit of stability in your employment history. Evaluate your job every two to three years to figure out what your next steps will be.

If you are interested in working a temporary job in the medical field, look no further! We are an established healthcare and medical temp agency that has helped many people find successful job placements that they truly enjoy.

One of our nurses told us, “Out of all the jobs I’ve worked, [Ascend National] is by far one of the most honest and professional establishments I have ever worked for. Searching for the perfect job (or at least one you enjoy) can be very frustrating, but working for [Ascend National] is a reminder that work can be meaningful. As an RN, I have been working with [Ascend National] since 2011 and I love what you guys do. Keep up the great work. You’re helping people find jobs they love!”

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