Is Per Diem Nursing for You?

Some people may confuse per diem nursing with travel nursing. Although they are similar, they are very different. Travel nurses tend to work for a specified length at a given location, while per diem nurses are given flexible schedules at the workplace of their choice. Any nurse can work per diem – even a nurse who works full time! There are many benefits to per diem nursing, and many medical professionals work per diem for a variety of reasons.

What does per diem mean?

Per diem literally translates to “each day.” Many nurses get paid a salary, but in this case, it’d be hourly work. Many per diem nurses aren’t on long-term schedules. Sometimes, they might be called off without any warning, and other times, they may be called in without any warning.

Why do hospitals and other facilities hire per diem nurses?

It takes a lot of medical professionals’ hands to get the job done. Many organizations hire per diem nurses to cover staffing needs, which vary weekly. For example, someone may need to hire a per diem nurse during the flu season or another employee’s maternity leave. Having a group of qualified per diem nurses available helps health care facilities keep their costs down.

What are the benefits of per diem nursing?

HIGHER PAY. Even though getting paid hourly doesn’t sound like a benefit, it actually is! The hourly pay for a per diem nurse tends to be more than a full-timer’s hourly pay – so you’re basically getting a bonus without all the hours! The reason why per diem nurses are paid more is because it will help fill in the gaps that health care providers need. It is used as an incentive to fill the staff-to-patient ratio when needed.

MORE JOB CHOICES. Another perk is you will get a choice on where you will work. The demand for nurses is up, and positions always need to be filled. You’ll be given many opportunities to figure out where you’d like to work – whether it’s in a hospital, a nursing home, a private practice, and more.

ROOM FOR LEARNING. As a per diem nurse, you won’t be doing the same thing every day. There are many opportunities to learn new things and get involved in other specialties. For example, one per diem nurse worked in a psychiatric setting one day and in the ICU the next day. If you don’t know which specialty you would like to go into just yet, this will give you first-hand experience in a number of specialties to help you decide where you best fit in.

SUPPORT. The best way to find per diem nursing jobs is through a health care recruiter, like Ascend National Healthcare Staffing. A recruiter will help you have all the necessary tools you need for success.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES. One of the biggest benefits is the opportunity for flexible scheduling around your busy personal life. That’s right – you set the hours you can work. Many companies will work around your schedule because they need the extra helping hands. You can even be a full-time nurse who takes on a per diem work to pick up extra hours or take home extra money.

Per diem jobs are great for those looking for part-time work. For example, if you are raising a family, starting a business, or taking college courses, you may not have time for a full-time commitment. If you’re a part-time per diem nurse, you may work a few 3-12 hour shifts during the week and have 3 or 4 days left open throughout the week.

What is the downside to per diem nursing?

Even though one of the biggest perks of per diem nursing is flexibility, it doesn’t necessarily mean stability. Remember, per diem work isn’t permanent and is on an “as needed” basis. Depending on your specialty, it could also be harder to find work in certain areas. Hospitals and other health care facilities also don’t offer many benefits – not even health insurance. This is why it is even more important why you should go through a staffing agency. Many staffing agencies offer benefits for you since many companies won’t. With Ascend National Healthcare Staffing, you are eligible to receive daily advances and other health benefits.

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