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Excellent Service at MH Surgery Center, Sugar Land

My name is Leslie, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fine job the staff at MHSL surgery center are doing. I was a patient there last week.

My surgery necessitated a visit to the radiology dept. beforehand to have a guide-wire placed. I had been there many times before for routine exams, but never for an invasive procedure.

Everyone was exceptionally kind, and very supportive. Irene (sign-in clerk) was very professional and discrete. I would like to point out that she kept all patient information (not just mine) safeguarded from wandering eyes and ears at the front desk. I was very impressed.

Next, Shaniqua registered me. Like Irene, she was extremely professional, and protective of patient info–and she laughed at my corny jokes. Then the time had come, Mary (technologist) took me back to the procedure area. She did an outstanding job of explaining everything to me, I truly was put at ease. She checked on me constantly and was genuinely concerned for my comfort.

Dr. Song (who placed the guide wire) came in to consent me, and answer any additional questions. She said the words every patient wants to hear “I give lots of numbing medicine so you will not feel pain” and she did! She was very professional, very gentle and calming.

From there, Mary took me to the surgical suite. Since I was in a patient gown (covered with ample blankets) I was taken to a private area to be signed in. It was fairly busy, and I certainly was not the only patient.

I met Steve there. He was terrific. It was later that I learned he holds the admin role. I was so impressed that as an admin he just did what needed to be done, without worrying about titles. He must be great to work for.

Misty was my pre-op nurse. She did an excellent job of admitting me, guiding me through all the paperwork and getting me ready. Gwen (RN) came in as well and helped out; they made me feel so at ease, and answered all of my (and my husband’s) questions. PS Gwen does a no-pain IV stick! Both Gwen and Misty are true assets to your facility.

I then met Dr. Cherry and Grace (anesthesia). As you may be able to tell, I am an RN, and I work recovery room at an HCA facility, so I know a little bit about this stuff. Both Dr. Cherry and Grace did a superb job–and I mean that. I had zero pain, and no over/under medication issues after surgery.

When I woke up, I had a very gentle, kind and wonderful recovery room nurse named Brenda. I appreciated her wonderful personality, expert care and every patient’s dream after surgery–a diet coke!

Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of my OR nurse (courtesy of versed), but I do remember her sweet smile and her competence in ensuring everything was in order. Please be sure she and the OR team receive my sincerest thanks. They rarely get it, and so deserve it.

This letter would not be complete without mention of one of the most caring and compassionate physicians I have ever known-and I’ve known a lot in my 29 years of nursing–Dr. Kelly Dempsey. Not only did she take prompt, fantastic care of me, but she did something few surgeons do–she offered to pray with me before surgery. As you are well aware, tons of evidence exists between spiritual care and physical healing. That heart-felt prayer was so important to me.

This letter is a bit long, but I really wanted to point out all the amazing people you have working there. I was treated incredibly well, all patients should have such an experience, and quite frankly, I believe they do at MH SL. I want to be sure every manager and administrator of each department mentioned receives a copy of this email. They are doing a lot of things right, and I want to be sure they know that.

You and Ascend National Healthcare Staffing has been a tremendous help to our facilities!

Lori Daybreak Ventures

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