Exploring Per Diem Nursing

If being a nurse is the occupation of your dreams, get ready for a very rewarding, well-paid and interesting career choice. You will have a plethora of opportunities available to you and can even narrow your choice into a field that meets your passion by choosing a specialty. One of the best benefits of choosing a career as a nurse is the fact that you can also do per diem nursing, and work as little or as much as you desire while still meeting your professional and financial goals.

What Is Per Diem Nursing?

Think of per diem nursing (PRN) as “as needed” nursing. You may perform this type of nursing because it is the flu season and a local hospital is overwhelmed not only with patients, but with absenteeism due to illness. Or you could fill in for a nurse in a private practice because she is going on a maternity leave for four months. There are a variety of reasons why you would be needed to fill a position, such as someone taking a leave of absence due to burnout, a desire to travel, the person is needed to take care of a sick loved one, a nurse wants to continue his or her education, or he or she needs to recuperate from a long-term illness. Other reasons for a per diem nurse can be short-term, such as it is during the summer or holiday season and many staff members are taking vacations. Someone may quit their position without giving notice, or the Human Resources department just hasn’t found the right individual to fill the spot left vacant when someone retires, or turns in their resignation.

PRN is sometimes confused with travel nurses, but the two occupations are different. Travel nurses go to different cities for a specified length of time. Per diem nurses are simply provided with flexible hours at a workplace that they choose.

Benefits of Working as a Per Diem Nurse

Working as a per diem nurse at Ascend National has many benefits. You can explore various specialties to decide if you want to specialize and obtain further education in the future. You may work in an ICU one week, and a maternity ward or psychiatric setting the next week. You may also work as a school nurse for a few days, at a nursing home or at a private practice. Being a per diem nurse is a wise way to intimately explore a variety of nursing careers, and it also provides you with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The pay is typically higher for a per diem nurse than for a nurse who works at a salaried position. This is because the nurse fills in the gaps, and helps the facility meet the staff-to-patient ratio. This ensures that the patients receive high-quality care in a timely manner.

As a per diem nurse employed by Ascend National, you are scheduled only during the hours that you commit to. Every nurse can work as a per diem nurse, even one who already has a full-time position. Many nurses work a few hours a week to provide extra income for their families, or they choose per diem nursing because they are going to college, or require flexible schedules because they have children or other family needs.

How It Works

The only disadvantage to being a per diem nurse is that if you try to do it on your own, you won’t have any benefits, such as health insurance. Getting insurance on your own can be quite costly, but if you join a staffing agency, like Ascend National, you will be covered by their benefits, including health insurance. This isn’t the only reason that joining a staffing agency is a wise option for you.

Hospitals, private practices, nursing homes and other health facilities build relationships with quality staffing agencies like ours. Typically, our agency in San Antonio is the first place facilities in the area call to fill a temporary position; this is because they trust that we hire reputable, conscientious health care professionals. The agency’s reputation ensures that there will be plenty of opportunities to have as much ongoing work as you desire.

Other Types of Per Diem Staffing

IThere needs to be a wealth of knowledgeable employees to keep the hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and other health care facilities running efficiently. In San Antonio, and in our other offices, we offer per diem staffing to fill all types of staff absences that are necessary in the medical field, as well as nursing staff. Individuals who have the knowledge and skills to fill positions such as insurance billing specialists, medical office staff and therapists can also work in per diem positions for our agency. We also offer positions for medical and dental assistants, and have a division for travel nurses as well.

Jobs for registered nurses are expected to grow faster than average by 2024 — by as much as 16 percent. PRN ensures that this career choice works for you by providing plenty of flexibility to accommodate your lifestyle. Consider working for Ascend National as a per diem nurse or other per diem employee as a way to take control of your future. It is an ideal way to reach your lifestyle goals and ensure that you have a great work/life balance!


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