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You and Ascend National Healthcare Staffing has been a tremendous help to our facilities!

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I moved my family to the Odessa Texas area so that I could work for Texas PRN.  We moved from Mississippi and it has been well worth the move. This is an awesome company to work for. They keep me with hours and the office personnel are very personable and […]

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My name is Leslie, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fine job the staff at MHSL surgery center are doing. I was a patient there last week. My surgery necessitated a visit to the radiology dept. beforehand to have a guide-wire placed. I […]

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Very grateful to have a job at Ascend National Healthcare Staffing! Great office staff… family!

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Out of all the jobs I’ve worked, Texas PRN is by far one of the most honest and professional establishment I have ever worked for. Searching for the perfect job (or at least one you enjoy) can be very frustrating, but working for Texas PRN is a reminder that work […]

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You’ve been so wonderful to us, you will continue to have our business at this point you are the only agency we are using locally!!

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Jill T

Just want to tell u thank u again for all your help and correspondence!! This opportunity has worked wonderfully and been an amazing blessing for my children and myself!! Thank you!

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