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How to Staff a Clinic

  There’s no exact formula one can follow when it comes to staffing a medical practice, clinic, hospital, etc. No one knows how many people will walk through the door until the patients begin to walk through the door. You need to make sure the floor will be covered, but […]

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What Is a Licensed Vocational Nurse?

Nursing is a growing industry in the United States, and there is also a huge demand. We hear about registered nurses, or RNs, all the time, but what about LVNs, also known as licensed vocational nurses? RNs and LVNs are similar roles, but they each have different responsibilities and duties. […]

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6 Ways PRN Healthcare Staffing Benefits Your Organization

According to the Associated Press, some 17 million people work for companies as temps, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers and interns. The desire for temporary workers is growing. Temporary workers are highly qualified and skilled individuals who notice the advantages of working temporary that they wouldn’t receive if they […]

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The Hidden Benefits of Temporary Healthcare Workers

Since baby boomers are now seniors, many long-time doctors and nurses are retiring. This means there is a pressing need for skilled medical professionals. Taking that into consideration, contract labor costs are at an all-time high. Hospitals are relying on staffing agencies to find reliable and credible medical workers. There […]

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Make Your Healthcare Resume Stand Out

Healthcare is the largest industry in America. Access to healthcare is growing and jobs are continuing to rise in the medical field. While there are good resume writing habits that transcend industry, creating a resume for a healthcare job requires an extra level of attention to detail than most. You […]

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