Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

Not just anyone can be a nurse – it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. In the United States, nurses are in high demand. If you are looking for a stable career that allows you to experience new cities and adventures, you should consider becoming a traveling nurse. There are nursing shortages in certain areas around the nation because the demand is so high. Traveling nurses are temporarily stationed in these areas to help fill the void.

If you don’t like adventure or spontaneity, this may not be the job for you. However, if you enjoy helping people, experiencing new places, and learning, this could be the perfect job for you! Travel nurses truly have the best of both worlds. With every new location, there are fresh challenges and new ventures. This is what real travel nurses had to say about their job, and why they love it:

You will have a flexible schedule.

Each travel nursing position will vary in length of time, position, and place. Traveling to new places is exciting, but it is also tiring. Luckily, travel nurses have flexible schedules. Since this career consists of contracts, you can take breaks when you need it or you can seek a work arrangement that is close to your family for important events that are coming up.

You will receive good pay.

Travel nurses usually receive a higher pay than most nurses. Depending on your location, you might be offered more money and have room to make more money by requesting to work longer on the weekends.

You will have other perks and bonuses.

Depending on which staffing company you work with, you may be able to receive a housing stipend or a furnished apartment. Ascend National Healthcare Staffing gives you the option to receive free housing or you can choose to keep the housing stipend amount and you pay for your own housing.

Many staffing companies will also provide you with insurance: dental, medical, etc. Be sure to find out what kind of benefits you can receive from a staffing agency before committing to the first one you find.

You can explore more of what you love about nursing.

Many nurses decide to go into travel nursing because they do not know which specialty they would like to go into just yet. Travel nurses have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of specialties, depending on which location needs assistance in certain specialties. This will give you time to find a specialty you enjoy, and then you can find a permanent location to continue working in the desired area.

You will have job security and room for advancement.

Because of the nursing shortage, nurses are better compensated now than ever before. If you have would like to move up in your field, your time as a travel nurse will give you a chance to see the many sides of nursing. This will help you figure out where you’d like to see yourself advance.

You won’t have to deal with politics around the office.

Every work office has its drama, but as a travel nurse, you won’t have to hear it for too long. It’s easy to avoid the drama when you are only working at one location for a short period of time. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of drama, use whatever methods you can to alleviate the problem, but don’t let it get in the way of you and your work.

You will get the opportunity to help people who really need it.

As a travel nurse, you typically work from 8 to 26 weeks contract in one specific location. This means that you will get so many opportunities to visit and live in new parts of the country, throughout all 50 states. Even though travel nursing is strictly throughout the country, you will notice a huge change in the culture from working in San Antonio, Texas, to working in San Francisco, California.

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